My father's illness was terribly short. When I heard about Casper's groundbreaking research, I knew that I wanted to contribute.

- Lars Boele -

I lost my husband within six weeks because there is no suitable treatment. Casper wants to change that.

- Astrid Joosten -

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Casper is willing to swim against the current so that he can save lives. I am very impressed with the way he does it.

- Mark van Eeuwen -

I have known Casper since my time at Feijenoord. I am very impressed with his research on innovative treatment of pancreatic cancer.

- Ronald Koeman -

The best quality of Casper is that he treats his patients in a human way.

- René van der Gijp -

Something has to change drastically. Supporting the body to beat pancreatic cancer itself, I think that is the future.

- Casper van Eijck -

I’ve lost my father to this terrible disease. I support Casper so that other people can be spared this pain.

- Ellen Hoog -

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With the results of the study we hope to make a real difference for people with pancreatic cancer and other difficult-to-treat tumors such as bladder, prostate and brain tumors. We expect a higher chance of survival and a higher quality of life because patients will again be able to participate in social life. In addition, the new personalized therapy is expected to be significantly cheaper than the traditional treatments that patients now have to undergo.

For patients, the most visible aspect is the clinic that has now been opened for pancreatic cancer patients; a day treatment and outpatient clinic where patients can take part in clinical trials with immunotherapy, among other things. They are supervised by a specially recruited research nurse.