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Innovative Pancreatic Cancer Research

Together we can make the difference

3000 nederlanders krijgen jaarlijks de diagnose alvleesklierkanker.
Dagelijks overlijden er 8 tot 10 mensen aan alvleesklierkanker.
1 op de 5 patiƫnten kan nog maar behandeld worden.
De kans om te herstellen van alvleesklieerkanker is heel klein. Slechts 7% blijft langdurig leven.
90% van de pattiƫnten overlijdt binnen een jaar na de diagnose.
Ambitie Support Casper: in 2030 effetieve en betaalbare medicijnen voor alvleesklierkanker beschikbaar.

Fastest growing type of cancer

Every year, nearly 3.000 Dutch people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, unfortunately this number is still increasing. Pancreatic cancer is the second deadliest cancer after lung cancer. It is also the fastest growing type of cancer. About 93% of diagnosed patients die within six months. Every day 8 people die from this aggressive disease in the Netherlands.

Help us prevent this by contributing to scientific research into viro-immunotherapy. Every donation, large or small, is valuable.

In recent years, hardly any progress has been made in treating this type of cancer. This needs to change. It is possible! Changes come from people who can make the difference. Innovators who are smart enough to see other solutions, idiosyncratic enough to move away from the beaten track and passionate enough to persevere; even if everyone thinks you are crazy. Such a man is Prof. Dr Casper van Eijck of the Erasmus MC; renowned surgeon and researcher with over 30 years of expertise in pancreatic cancer.


13 june 2024
Goal € 30.000.000 € 22.507.699


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