The best quality of Casper is that he treats his patients in a human way.

- René van der Gijp -

Casper is willing to swim against the current so that he can save lives. I am very impressed with the way he does it.

- Mark van Eeuwen -

My father's illness was terribly short. When I heard about Casper's groundbreaking research, I knew that I wanted to contribute.

- Lars Boele -

Something has to change drastically. Supporting the body to beat pancreatic cancer itself, I think that is the future.

- Casper van Eijck -

I’ve lost my father to this terrible disease. I support Casper so that other people can be spared this pain.

- Ellen Hoog -

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I lost my husband within six weeks because there is no suitable treatment. Casper wants to change that.

- Astrid Joosten -

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I have known Casper since my time at Feijenoord. I am very impressed with his research on innovative treatment of pancreatic cancer.

- Ronald Koeman -

About us

We are happy to introduce ourselves

As the Stichting Overleven met Alvleesklierkanker (Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation), we are highly motivated to find new treatment methods that can improve and extend the lives of people with pancreatic cancer. Almost all our board members have experienced in their immediate surroundings what it is like to lose someone to this disease. We believe that researchers and specialists who dare to stick their necks out in order to find new solutions deserve our support. Like Prof. Casper van Eijck and his team.

Support Casper

The Support Casper campaign is one of the activities of the Stichting Overleven met Alvleesklierkanker (Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation ). The campaign started in September 2015 and a few months later the Foundation was established. The founders are all friends or family of people who have died of pancreatic cancer. We discovered that alarmingly little attention is being paid to pancreatic cancer. Presumably because most people die of it so quickly that there is no time to take action or to draw attention to it. That, combined with the fact that more than 90% of the patients do not survive, is reason enough for us to no longer accept this. With the Foundation and this campaign, we want to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer while at the same time structurally raising money to enable much-needed research into new, innovative treatment methods.

Casper van Eijck

The figurehead of the Support Casper campaign, Prof. Casper van Eijck, is a specialist in Erasmus MC for more than 25 years. Together with his team, he has developed very concrete plans for research into new treatment methods. Casper van Eijck is not only a renowned surgeon and researcher in the field of pancreatic cancer. He is also enormously involved with his patients, from the Netherlands and abroad. Seeing your own patients die for years because hardly any treatment is possible could lead to desensitization and distance. But that's the last thing Casper suffers from. He sees it as his task to guide people well in their final phase of life, when it is clear that no cure is possible anymore. He strongly believes in this human approach. At the same time, he is highly motivated to find new treatment methods and is also convinced that things can be done differently. For example with viro-immunotherapy. Thanks to the donations we have received so far, research into this new treatment started at the beginning of 2016.