Who is Casper?

The face of the campaign is Prof. Dr Casper van Eijck, who has been a specialist at Erasmus MC for 30 years. Prof. Dr Casper van Eijck is not only a renowned surgeon and researcher in the field of pancreatic cancer.

He is also very involved with his patients who come from abroad. In addition, Prof. Dr Casper van Eijck is associated with football club Feyenoord as the club doctor.

What does Support Casper do?

  • Funds scientific research on the development of innovative and effective treatment methods for pancreatic cancer, such as research on various oncolytic viruses in combination with immunotherapy
  • Increases awareness of this serious cancer by informing people, drawing media attention and organizing public activities
  • Stimulates the environment of patients and / or relatives to organize actions for Support Casper and supports them as best as possible
  • Strives to work professionally, both in fundraising and communication as well as in accountability to the generous donors. The people who share the ideals of Support Casper (volunteers, donors, sympathizers) and who contribute to this through time and money are the preconditions for the foundation's right to exist.
  • Is transparent. Cost-conscious, accountable for the promises and honest about what has been achieved and what has not been achieved and is accountable for this.

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