About the OVIT Consortium

In 2012 the OVIT team(Oncolytic Viro Immuno Therapy) was founded: a multidisciplinary consortium of scientists and doctors from different universities (Erasmus MC, LUMC, Amsterdam UMC, UMC Utrecht) and research centers such as Sanquin in the fields of oncology, virology, tumor biology and immunology with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of oncolytic viruses.

OVIT focuses on pancreatic cancer and other difficult-to-treat aggressive cancers such as prostate cancer and glioblastoma. Within OVIT expertise is shared in the field of virology, tumor immunology and clinical implementation of treatment options. OVIT's mission is to promote interdisciplinary research that is necessary for the successful development and clinical implementation of viro-immunotherapy in various types of cancer.

Currently, three different types of oncolytic viruses are being developed within OVIT for this purpose. These are based on: reovirus, Newcastle disease virus and adenovirus. The laboratory research now aims to further improve the effectiveness of viro-immunotherapy and there is evidence that a more personalized approach could greatly increase it. In other words, the choice of the type of virus can be very decisive for the outcome of the therapy for the individual patient.

Within the OVIT consortium, various researchers receive grants for their research into viro-immunotherapy. In addition, Support Casper makes a significant contribution to the various studies within OVIT.

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