Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

The Support Casper campaign is part of and founded by the ‘Stichting Overleven met Alvleesklierkanker’ (translation: Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation). Both have existed since 2015. The founders are all friends or family of people who have died of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately there is little attention for pancreatic cancer. Presumably because most people die so quickly that there is no time and space to set up actions or ask for attention.

The Support Casper campaign is committed to providing financial support for the much-needed research and development of an effective treatment method by viro-immunotherapy. Casper has put together a team that includes virologists, pediatric oncologists and neurosurgeons from Erasmus MC, Leiden University Medical Center and UMC Utrecht. Together they want to work on methods that no longer focus on the disease, but on the strength of the patient and his ability to use his own body against the malignant tumor. They think it is possible!

Our ambition is to be able to produce effective and affordable medicines for pancreatic cancer patients by 2030, so that they live longer and feel less sick.

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