I’ve lost my father to this terrible disease. I support Casper so that other people can be spared this pain.

- Ellen Hoog -

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The best quality of Casper is that he treats his patients in a human way.

- René van der Gijp -

I have known Casper since my time at Feijenoord. I am very impressed with his research on innovative treatment of pancreatic cancer.

- Ronald Koeman -

I lost my husband within six weeks because there is no suitable treatment. Casper wants to change that.

- Astrid Joosten -

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Something has to change drastically. Supporting the body to beat pancreatic cancer itself, I think that is the future.

- Casper van Eijck -

My father's illness was terribly short. When I heard about Casper's groundbreaking research, I knew that I wanted to contribute.

- Lars Boele -

Casper is willing to swim against the current so that he can save lives. I am very impressed with the way he does it.

- Mark van Eeuwen -


Stichting Overleven met Alvleesklierkanker strives for absolute transparency. Anyone involved in the search for innovative and effective treatment methods for patients with pancreatic cancer has the right to know what our objectives are, how our organizational structure works and what exactly happens to the proceeds from donations and public activities.

Our mission

To improve the survival rate of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Our vision

Developing pioneering and effective treatment methods, such as research into various oncolytic viruses in combination with immunotherapy, for this patient group instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Our objectives

  • Contribute to finding innovative and effective treatment methods by stimulating targeted multidisciplinary scientific research.
  • Research into activation of the patient's own immune system by administration of immune activators.
  • Attracting financial resources by, among other things, fundraising and organizing activities.
  • Maximizing, as far as possible, the available financial resources.
  • Promoting national and international cooperation in the field of scientific research.
  • Communication with benefactors and patients about the progress of scientific research and possible treatment methods.
  • Provide a communication platform for patients, family and their environment.