The best quality of Casper is that he treats his patients in a human way.

- René van der Gijp -

Casper is willing to swim against the current so that he can save lives. I am very impressed with the way he does it.

- Mark van Eeuwen -

I have known Casper since my time at Feijenoord. I am very impressed with his research on innovative treatment of pancreatic cancer.

- Ronald Koeman -

I lost my husband within six weeks because there is no suitable treatment. Casper wants to change that.

- Astrid Joosten -

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My father's illness was terribly short. When I heard about Casper's groundbreaking research, I knew that I wanted to contribute.

- Lars Boele -

I’ve lost my father to this terrible disease. I support Casper so that other people can be spared this pain.

- Ellen Hoog -

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Something has to change drastically. Supporting the body to beat pancreatic cancer itself, I think that is the future.

- Casper van Eijck -

Our approach

As is often the case with charities: an idea to 'do something' arises spontaneously and before you know it you are a Foundation with its own statute, six board members, a scientific advisory council, a supervisory board and a prospective member of the CBF, the Central Bureau on Fundraising. But that's not how it started...

The way we work is mainly one of taking action and developing spontaneous ideas into concrete actions that generate money and attention. The broad media coverage of our campaign means that people all over the country have started to take action to raise money as well. We wholeheartedly support that. We like to think along with you and make material available in order to generate as much attention as possible for the actions.

Completed free of charge

We do everything we can to prevent ourselves from becoming a sluggish, bureaucratic organization with highly paid employees and a lot of overheads. The start of the campaign, including the design and construction of the first site, the writing of the texts, the production, recording and editing of the films, the conception and printing of shirts and the setting up of the Foundation was done free of charge. Both private volunteers - often the next of kin of patients - and a number of companies have made unselfish efforts to support Casper. They are the supporters of the first hour.

Open and transparent

Meanwhile, expenses have been incurred, but our aim remains to keep these costs as low as possible and, where possible, to have them sponsored by others. Our commitment is to ensure that every euro donated reaches as far as possible the target we have set ourselves: innovative research into pancreatic cancer. This means that most of the work continues to be carried out on a voluntary basis and that support services and products are sponsored. It was also deliberately decided not to remunerate the members of the various boards.

We want to work openly and transparently; our annual accounts will be available on the site and we are willing to give an explanation if people have any questions about our finances.

From the start we have also worked with ambassadors: well-known supporters who want to participate in the promotion of the importance of our objectives via our own website and the (social) media. They, too, participate unselfishly because they believe in the need for research into new methods.

The Foundation for Survival with Pancreatic Gland Cancer (OAK) has existed since the autumn of 2015 and has six board members who meet at least 4 times a year.

As is often the case with good ideas: at almost the same time, two people independently thought that it was time to raise money for innovative research into new treatment methods for pancreatic cancer.